Hair Trends Spring 2010. Part II.

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Taking about the hair trends we can’t ignore the ones that illustrious designers offer us at their catwalks as they before they show us their collection they ponder carefully over every detail including hair that is to be the trend as well.

Alexander Wang hair trend Spring 2010

Alexander Wang sees the Spring hair 2010 braided on the one side of the head. The hair isn’t plaited tightly and smoothly. The fringe is arranged on the same side with the braid or it’s plaited into. It looks really nice.

Alexander Wang Spring 2010 hair trend

The Chanel brand presented by Karl Lagerfeld showed the very simple hair trend: combed back hair arranged into the knot or tail.

However, he used a lot of various hair accessories including sparkling pins, flower pins, plume pins and even kerchiefs.

Chanel Spring 2010 hair trend

The wavy up hair trend offered by Derek Lam at the New York Fashion Week looks cheerful and glam. This do is appropriate to wear to the party and during the day either.

Derek Lam Hair trend Spring 2010

Erin Wasson x RVCA’s hair trend is elementary. It looks like after-shower-not-brushed loose dos.

Erin Wasson x RVCA hair trend Spring 2010

Herve Leger’s offered hair style for the upcoming Spring looks natural and innocent. Loose a-bit-wavy hair is parted in the middle.

Herve Leger hair trend Spring 2010

Oscar de la Renta preferred braids arranged into the circle. Braids look girly with the ribbons plaited into them.

Oscar de la Renta hair trend Spring 2010

Such hair accessories like hats with middle-width brims, handkerchiefs and pins are widely used as well. Follow the trends!


The style shown by Preen is ordinary but chic. Loose straight hair parted in the middle and combed back hair from the front part and arranged into the tail on the back.

Preen Spring hair trend 2010

Ralph Lauren didn’t stick to one hair style at his catwalk at the New York Fashion Week he used different ones leave the space for imagination and creativity.

Ralph Lauren hair trend Spring 2010

Four main hair trends according to Ralph: loose straight hair parted in the middle, or arranged into tail; sleek back hair; short hair cut with long fringe arranged to one side; and chin-length bob.

Ralph Lauren Spring 2010 hair trend

Smoothly sleeked back hair, arranged into the tail or loosen at the back of the head is the tendency that Thakoon presented in the collection at the New York Fashion Week for the upcoming Spring 2010.

Vena Cava used a minimal hair style – sleek hair and knots.

Vena Cava hair trend Spring 2010

Zero + Maria Cornejo’s hair trend plays on the contrast. She offers short hair cut with the under- or above-fringe-length and long loose hair that seems to be a bit shaggy.

Zero + Maria Cornejo hair trend Spring 2010

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