Hair Trends Fall–Winter 2009/2010

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Hair style!

Do you consider it important? It’s of vital importance as you are a woman, and you should keep your mark high-level no matter whether it’s sunny or rainy outside.

The fall is coming soon and you should be aware of the latest hair setting trends for Fall-Winter 2009/2010.

Oscar de la Renta

“Bigger” – “Better”

Fall – Winter 2009-2010 fashion shows’ “bigger” was an obvious synonym to “better”: high hair stylings with various backcombings, buns and other voluminous hair constructions appeared regularly while the fashion weeks skipped from one city to another.

Hair Trends Fall – Winter 2009-20101

Paul Costello in London, Oscar de la Renta, Badgley Mischka and Mark Jacobs in New-York and Louis Voitton in Paris, Valentin Yudashkin in Milan offered their vision of the traditional hair setting adding height, texture and curls here and there.

Following the eccentricity and radicalism tendency, the designers presented hair in a huge diapason from Gothic a la Tim Burton to the East Side chic spirit. In any case, high hair style is the Fall-Winter 2009/2010 trend.

Among celebs this trend becoms more and more popular. Good examples are Rihanna, Eva Longoria and Fergie.

Sleek Hair

Michael Kors in New-York, Nicholas Ghesquiere in Paris, D&G, Salvatore Ferragamo and Blumarine in Milan presented sleek hair with side and middle parting. Natural hair color is preferable.

Hair Trends Fall – Winter 2009-20102

Stella McCartney offered combed backward hair style for Fall-Winter 2009/10. No matter if you go with flowing or fastened hair, you’ll look trendy having this.

Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Kidman, Ashley Simpson are the icons of this sort of hair style.

Backcombing or After Shower Hair Style

Christian Lacroix in Paris runway fashion shows presented huge backcombing around the whole head.

Loose hair is given more bulk thus making you look a bit rough. But if it’s your style, go ahead!

Hair Trends Fall – Winter 2009-20103

Etro saw the Autumn-Winter hair trend as simple as it can be: go to the shower, wash your hair, then brush it and your trendy hair look is ready!

Curls a la 70s

One of the constant trends the whole year round is curls non stop! Curls of the 70s are in vogue Fall-Winter 2009/10 according to the Luca-Luca runway in New-York.

If you have straight hair, just vary your hair style. Curls can change your entire image. It means that you’ll have to wear something feminine when have the one on.

Celebs adore curls, Paris Hilton in particular!

Hair Trends Fall – Winter 2009-20104

Ponytails, Plaitsand and Fringe

Where can we go without the unchallenged ponytails! Long ponytails fastened on the backside of the head are preferable.

Moreover, ponytail keeps speeding up in gaining the fans among the celebrities. Katie Stern for Venexiana pointed out the trend of the fringe for Fall-Winter 2009-2010.

Hair Trends Fall – Winter 2009-2010

Forehead covering fringe is trendy in straight and swallow-wings shapes.

Plaits a re extremly trendy this season as well!

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    have a answer for me yet?

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    what is the hottest nail color used for this x of year whats in an whats out?

  4. tyra Says:

    Teals, turcoises, and mixing and matching try using a dark silver or puple black with ur hot pinks and other “hot color over top or even a opaque color over a shiny color these are all hot right now!! and sparkled tips wih colored glitters!!

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