Hair Shades of Fall-Winter 2009

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If you don’t want to stay single-coloured for the gloomy and cold seasons of the year, you should opt for the trends that are offered for the experimenters. They perfectly fit party events and some kind of parties.

Hair Shades of Fall Winter 20099

So, let’s see them.

For brown haired: you brown hue looks great as it fits your eye color but if you want to stand out of the crowd then spice your hair tints with rich dark chocolate and wine red ones that will bring volume to your hairdo and make it shine with activeness.

Hair Shades of Fall Winter 20094

For brunettes: don’t be shy and diversify the colors! Have fun! Add some bold sections of blue-black for maximum gloss.

Hair Shades of Fall Winter 20092

The mixture of rich mulberry and plum will look so bright on the background of gloomy weather, rain and snow. Only brave and self-confident women can wear this blend of hues. Sassoon European Colour Director, Peter Dawson singles it out as “supreme gloss and iridescence”.

Hair Shades of Fall Winter 20093

These hues won’t let you feel bad! No matter if you’re blond or brunette the warm tints of citrus and soft berry tones will brighten up your image.

If you don’t want to blend the colors around the whole heard, take some locks to tint hem into the copper and cherry hues.

Hair Shades of Fall Winter 20098

Redhead is beyond any limits and bounds! No rainbow in your head but a complete flowing string of red shine.

Dark deep brunette color won’t contrast you if you aren’t bold enough to wear some reddish and orange hair hues.

Hair Shades of Fall Winter 20095

Rich copper is a perfect color for party time assembled with red lipstick and the same nails.

Hair Shades of Fall Winter 20096

If you are blond and don’t want to look like a multy-colored camomile, you can try pink, orange, or some soft hues on your fringe that will bring you the cheeky feeling.

The blond-brown hair is to be shaded with blue or dark blue locks that create the image of mystery.

Blond honey blond and milky muted blond! Make some creative haircut and your blonds will be the trendiest this season!

In-vogue eggplant tints are super sexy and playful!

Hair Shades of Fall Winter 2009

Nordic blonds should represent northern lights in their hair experiments. Super-pale shades are better suited to ivory or soft pink tinged complexions and blue or grey eyes.

Red mop of hair will look glamorous and on-trendy all parties through.

Be the diamond of the season. Don’t be afraid to try something new and different from you. Starting being bold in something, you’ll be cheerful and bold in everything.

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