Hair Problems: Hair Loss

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Some of women think that the problem of hair loss is the kind of never-happen-to-them one. Unfortunately no one can secure themselves from it.

Hair Loss

There’re lots of reason that can cause this problem. For instance it can happen because you don’t wear the hat in winter time (the muscles of the hair roots can be harmed by the freeze) or your hat is too tight (it can disturb the circulation and hair nourishing consequently). Tight braiding the hair also can cause the hair loss. If you part your hair at the same place for a pretty long period of time it can lead to this problem either (at the place your part hair).

Model Hair Flying

It’s necessary to mention that you can prevent or stop the hair loss by yourself when there’re some problems that are not in common with the illness of the whole body! Consult the therapist if it is so!

Folk medicine offers lots of recipes for the kind of hair loss prevention procedures. Take a month course of treatment.

Here some try-worth recipes for you:

  • Prepare the decoction with 3.5 oz of the fresh or dried nettle boiled with 1 pt of water and 1 pt of vinegar. Boil it for 30 min. Let it draw for 40 min and then filter it. Apply it on your hair after wash two times a week.


  • Take two spoonfuls of the oak rind, onion peel and pour it with 2 pt of boiling water. Keep it boiling for 1 hour. Then cool the decoction and rub it in to the hair roots.
  • One of the very intensive decoctions is the following. Take the pimento tincture mix it with 10 parts of the 70 percent alcohol, brew it for 6-7 days and then filter. Dilute the mixture you got with 10 portions of boiled water. Rub it in 2 or 3 times a week.

Hair Masks

  • It will do you good to rinse your after shampooing hair with the following herbal composition: take 3 gr of marigold flowers and crumbled-up burdock roots, 56 dr of hop, add 2 pt of water into it and boil it fo 10 min. filter the mixture in 30 min and rinse your hair.

Hair masks’ applying is very effective measure either. Put it as a rule to nourish your hair and hair roots.

You never know what can harm your hair, but the preventive measures are the best way to keep them on your head!

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