Hair of Gold: Holiday Hair Ideas Galore

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There is another precious hair trend out there that occasionally resurfaces on the runway and it is bound to make your holiday look ultra trendy and impossibly glam. Gold leaf that you can find in art stores makes for the ultimate hair accessory. All you need to do is to style your hair, choose where to apply your gold leaf and then treat the area with a sticky styling product. Voila.

Gold Leaf Hair Trend

Gold leaf hairdo

Runway hairstylists love the slicked back look covered in gold. They also treated the roots at the part to create a glam but a more subtle effect.

Rita Ora gold leaf part

Rita Ora rocked a gold leaf a few times and looked especially glam

If you want to stand out even in a fashionable crowd this is the look to go with. We love the low ponytail with a side of gold and a dramatic beehive type of hairstyle with golden specks all around the forehead and temples.

Kylie Jenner gold hair sticker

If you can’t find a gold leaf there are apparently gold stickers for hair that look very much like flash tattoos. Kylie Jenner recently tried one and it looks interesting. What do you think?

Rita Ora

Ponytail gold leaf

Short haircut gold leaf

Charlotte Free

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