Hair lamination

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Nowadays keeping the hair beauty is not a complicated thing as there are zillions of cosmetic products to do that. Just apply them regularly and the result will be perfect!

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No doubt cosmetic products are a great invention but sometimes our hair needs something more effective to look luscious. Show biz stars always look great.

One can only envy their shining cascading locks. However, thanks to technological breakthroughs now we all have an opportunity to keep our hair as healthy and beautiful as the celebrities’ one. All you need is to visit a salon and laminate your hair.

Hair lamination is a process of applying a special composition to your hair. As a result the hair will be covered with a breathful micro film that protects the hair from damage. The volume of the hair increases up to 10-15%, and looks shining and smooth.

If you have curly hair, don’t be afraid lamination can straighten it up. Your hair will just become healthier looking and brighter.

To understand why hair needs to be laminated remember what the hair structure is. It a shaft covered with tiny scales all over. A healthy hair that hasn’t been damaged yet has scales attached very closely to the shaft.

But as time passes and various factors work the scales are exfoliated and the hair becomes rough, the end splits and the hair is no longer as shining as it used to be. The laminating film covers the damaged area, seals the ends and sticks the scales back to the shaft thus making a new surface – elastic, smooth and shining.

Lamination doesn’t harm the hair in any way and can be repeated many times. Lamination composition includes protein that makes the hair look lively and bright, flexible and resistant to mechanical damage.
The film that covers the hair allows it to breathe blocking the leak of vitamins, proteins and moisture from the hair.

Lamination composition is rich in useful substances which remain in the hair for long.

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Lamination can be performed in 2-3 approaches – everything depends on the state of the hair and the result desirable. The effect lasts for 6 weeks. Laminated hair is more easily stylished and looks wonderful.

The laminating film can be transparent or colored. The composition is applied to the hair like a mask, left for 20-25 minutes and then washed off. Dyeing lamination can be called a technology of ionic dyeing. The hair is positively charged while the pigment in the composition is negatively charged.

As a result the two attract to each other so tightly that the covering is very stable and the hair looks as it has been dyes in a usual way. During the procedure the hair absorbs as much of the composition as it is needed. 4-6 weeks later the procedure can be repeated.

There are no contraindications for hair lamination. It can be done on hair of any length and rate of damage. It is especially recommended for hair that is weakened by regular dyeing.

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7 Responses to “Hair lamination”
  1. Marina Says:

    That sounds like a dream, i’m a hairdresser and never heard of it before, so what brands have those hair laminates, where can i buy them?

  2. Tatiana Says:

    I was looking for this type of services for some time now. Which salons in NYC offer it if any?

  3. Inessa Says:

    guys, does anyone knows lamination services in london. doesn’t look like it is very popular here as i can’t find it but sounds very promising.

  4. Olga Says:

    Hair lamination is very popular in Russia and you don’t even have to go to hair salon to get it done. The results are amazing! I’ve been looking for this type of services in US but have no luck((((

  5. Julia Says:

    yeah… i`v been looking 4 that in USA forever((( they dont do it here i guess, more than that they look at me like im insain))

  6. nadeemmax 11 Says:

    v good result i am impressed

  7. Lia Says:

    It does ,, green planet” hair salon in Brooklyn . They give best service and expected results !!

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