Hair Care Mistakes

Hair is part of the appearance so it must look great. These hair care mistakes are quite common and lead to weak and dry hair which look unflattering. Make sure to eliminate them from your hair care routine.

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Hair care mistakes like washing your hair every day or overloading it with products are common but in order to have a beautiful head of hair one needs to avoid these mistakes and improve their hair care routine. Read on to find out how to protect hair from damage.

Hair Care Mistakes

Brushing Hair From Roots to Ends

Brushing or combing hair spreads the natural oils from roots to the ends. But brushing hair from the roots can damage and break hair at the middle or end especially when the hair is thin or wet as it easily tangles. So start at the end and gently brush hair gradually approaching the roots. Also make sure you choose a brush that can gently handle your hair type and length.

Overloading Hair With Products

Too many products can weigh hair down which look unflattering. Stick with a quality shampoo, conditioner and a styling product. Another common hair care mistake is to wash hair every day. By doing so you are stripping the hair of its natural oils that protect it from damage and drying out.

Rubbing Hair With Towel

The right way of drying hair with a towel is blotting it rather than rubbing. Rubbing weakens the hair making it more vulnerable to damage. Using blowdry on wet hair and often can also weaken the hair. So before blowing it dry blot with towel and let it air dry till it’s damp. Go easy on blowdry to let hair recover.

High Temperature Treatments

High temperature treatments like blowdry and hair straightening can damage hair easily. Make sure to use special products that contain oils to protect hair from high temperatures. Also be sure the temperature suits your hair type. Ask a your hair professional at what temperature it is safe to style your hair.

Poor Diet

Poor diet can weaken hair considerably. So make sure vitamin C, protein, folic acid, biotin, iron, and zinc are present in your diet.

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