Hair Brush: Magic Wand for Your Hair

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Hair Brush: Magic Wand for Your Hair

The right hair brush can dramatically affect the condition of your tresses and scalp. That is why it is so important to know how to choose and use the hair brush properly. But with so many options, it is quite hard to know for sure which one works best on you. Use our tips on choosing the right hair brush to find that magic wand for your hair.

Fortunately, there is a great variety of hair brushes to choose from. They are made of different materials, in different forms and sizes to satisfy all the hair needs. But if the certain hair brush works good on someone’s hair doesn’t mean it will suit your strands as well. That is why we’ve prepared for you several need-to-know tips on choosing the right hair brush in accordance with your hair type, length and the effect you’d like to get.

How To Choose Hair Brush

Hair Brush: Magic Wand for Your Hair

Vent hair brush

Vent brush is the perfect option for those who want to add volume to their hair. The matter is that the design of vent brush lets the air circulate throughout your hair when you blow dry your strands, that can’t but give your hair the desired volume.

Hair Brush: Magic Wand for Your Hair

Styler hair brush

This one is easy to use due to absence of vents. Nevertheless, don’t think that you’d get the smoothness you want as the styler hairbrush doesn’t have enough tension. The stubbles are on one side only and form a slight half circle bend. It’s good to use this one for mid length and hair bob shape cuts as it straightens the lengths and ends of hair.

Hair Brush: Magic Wand for Your Hair

Cushion hair brush

Actually the cushion hair brush is popular with men though many women can’t do without it as it’s very easy to use and has a soft cushion base with bristles on one side. Moreover, it massages the scalp. If your hair is short to medium lengths and of normal thickness and density, use this brush to smooth, without lift or volume.

Hair Brush: Magic Wand for Your Hair

Round hair brush

Round brush is irreplaceable if you want to straighten your hair. Therewith it works perfect for all the hair lengths and types. The only thing I’d like to mention is that the longer hair you have the larger diameter of the brush you should choose.

To get soft curls without using curling iron you’d better to opt for round hair brush with the metal or thermal ventilated barrel.

Hair Brush: Magic Wand for Your Hair

Paddle hair brush

The paddle brush is larger and flatter than the cushion brush and is good in using for long hair. After using a round brush to straighten wavy or curly hair, use this type of brush to complete your hairdo. The paddle brush is also perfect for smoothing naturally straight hair. If you sweep the brush down the length of your hair with a paddle type motion, you won’t create volume and your hair lie flat.

Hair Brush: Magic Wand for Your Hair

Thermal brush

The thermal brush’s heat conductive material is at the center. This material gets hot using the heat from your hair dryer. If the heat is too high, the thermal brush affects not only on the surface of your hair, but internally as well. Be very careful, it is easy to burn your hair if the brush gets too hot!

Hair Brush: Magic Wand for Your Hair

Military hair brush

Military brushes are different from others since they don’t have handles. They are usually made with boar or nylon bristles and are suited for short hair. These are considered more suited for men and were used one in each hand for fast hair styling.

Hair Brush: Magic Wand for Your Hair

Half-radial hair brush

A half-radial brush is another great tool for styling mane. It’s great for thick hair and can be used to smooth hair as well as give it desired volume.

Hair Brush: Magic Wand for Your Hair

Choose a quality brush or two depending on your hair type and hairstyles you like to wear. There are many options as you see but not only in terms of brush types but also bristles, materials, and sizes.

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