Glitter-Covered Roots Is A Hot New Trend

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Thanks to the Internet when someone comes up with an idea, for better or worse, it can easily become a trend.  So here’s an interesting one for those who are dying their hair and needs regular salon appointments to keep regrowth in check. Glitter-covered roots. For when you’re too broke to touch them up or you’re growing out your hair.

Glitter Roots Trend

Blue hair glitter roots

Many do this to stretch time between touch ups and we don’t blame them. Salon appointments are sort of a luxury and when you’re dying your hair a different color it becomes a commitment. So putting glitter on your roots might just help make it more bearable both financially and appearance-wise.

Besides what can be easier than this? You just mix your glitter with some styling product and voila. You’re holiday-ready, no need for a fancy ‘do either. If you’re hesitant to put glitter in your hair and by extension all over your living space, might we suggest colored chalk as a means to covering up your rainbow roots?

Dark hair glitter roots

Pastel pink hair glitter roots

Pink hair glitter roots

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