Fabulous, Easy Summer Up-Dos

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An on-trend new hairdo is the ultimate at home beauty treatment, but in the summer you might feel that looking hot while it’s hot out is impossible, but with some simple styling savvy it doesn’t have to be. An up-do is nearly always your best bet in the summer to keep air circulating around the back of your neck and keeps your hair out of the way while you get on with enjoying the sun and will keep you on-trend this year. They’re a fantastic look no matter where you go: from the office, to a wedding, to the beach, to a messy seaweed wrap and mud pack filled spa break, your up-do will be stylish and practical anywhere. Here are a couple of great, easy up-dos you can try at home.

The Top Knot

Fabulous, Easy Summer Up-Dos

You’ll need: A teasing comb, hair spray, hair elastics (preferably clear), bobby pins.

1. Pull your hair into a high, slicked back pony tail.
2. Section off the pony tail and tease the hair until all of the hair is teased out.
3. Wrap the teased hair around the base of the pony tail, close to your head.
4. Use a poppy pin to secure the hair in place and pull pieces of your bun down to shape your top knot.
5. Secure your hair with bobby pins and spray your hair with the hairspray, smoothing down fly away hairs.

The Bohemian Braid

Fabulous, Easy Summer Up-Dos

You’ll need: Bobby pins, hair elastic (clear or to match your hair), fine tooth comb, 2 claw clips, hairspray

1. To begin you will need wavy hair. If you have this naturally you can skip straight to step 2. If your hair is naturally straight curl a few sections with a large barrel curler to give the hair texture.
2. Separate your hair down the center so the left and right parts fall on opposite sides of your shoulders. Tie one of the sections in a hair elastic to keep it out of the way.
3. French braid the other hair section all the way to the nape of the neck and secure the braid with a clip before repeating with the other section.
4. Take the two braided sections and tie them into a low ponytail below where you secured them with the clips. Once the pony tail is in place you can remove the clips.
5. Tease small sections of hair at the bottom of the pony tail with the fine tooth comb and spray with hairspray for hold.
6. Gently pull at the braid loops to create more texture and volume before finishing off this chic look by wrapping a section of hair from the bottom of the pony tail around the hair elastic.

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  1. melissa Says:

    i am wondering how to o the hair style that i clicked on first before i came into this part of the site…
    any ideas would be help full…thanks melissa

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