Fab Ways to Style Short Hair This Fall

It is absolutely evident that going short is becoming a new hair trend. Myriad female celebrities who have cut off their long tresses are the best confirmation to it. Eager to learn how they managed to look gorgeous sporting pixies, bobs and other short shags, you are on the right track as here you can find the most fabulous ways to style short hair this fall cribbed from our fave short haired celebrities.

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Fab Ways to Style Short Hair This Fall

Hayden Panettiere, Emma Watson and many many other celebrities have their hair cut short and I must admit they look gorgeous. Let alone such celebs as Rihanna and Halle Berry who have made short hair their hot signature looks. They no doubt know how to style their short tresses to look amazing every time. Now you can learn it too… read on to find out fab ways to style short hair this fall.

Tousled Pixie

Fab Ways to Style Short Hair This Fall

Play up the texture adding a bit casual zest to your tresses. Besides this tousled pixie is very easy to do and it can look rather versatile. To get the look you are to

  • Mist your hair with texturizing spray just after getting out of the shower.
  • Blow dry you hair, curving the front layers strictly in one direction.
  • Apply a bit of styling gel to you hair to piece up the ends.
  • Tousle a bit your hair over your forehead and put the other strands behind the ears.

Romantic Bob

Fab Ways to Style Short Hair This Fall

Don’t believe short hair can look romantic? Just take a peep at this a bit wavy bob. This ultra-feminine bob is absolutely perfect for a night-out look. To steal the look you are to

  • Go for a middle parting.
  • Blow dry your hair with a round bristle.
  • Use a curling iron to wave only the ends of your hair.
  • Apply a bit of hair spray to fix your wavy ends.

Retro Wavy Crop

Fab Ways to Style Short Hair This Fall

Gorgeous retro hairstyle is perfect option to style hair that falls below the ears. Katharine McPhee has demonstrated the best way to do it. To steal her look you are to

  • Part you hair to the side.
  • Use a curling iron to curl your front hair ends outward, oppositely your parting.

Fix your hair with hair spray and push the front waves to flatten them a bit.

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