Ecaille Is The Latest Coloring Technique Trend

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Ecaille is the latest coloring technique trend presented by Wella in Berlin at the brand’s 135th anniversary event. Translated as ‘tortoise shell’ from French ecaille in the words of Alexandra Matiz, Wella Professionals top artist:

Ecaille is a freehand color technique similar to balayage or freehand painting. The difference is that instead of just using a lightener, we are using different colors to create a beautiful blend effect on the hair. Colorists look at the natural movement of the hair to accentuate it.

Using darker and cooler shades as well as the bleach the artists create a melting effect of highlight and shadow on wavy and curly hair injecting beautiful liveliness and motion to your mane.

Ecaille Coloring Trend In Different Colors

Rose Gold Ecaille
Rose gold 

Suede Ecaille
Soft Suede

Molten Glow Ecaille
Molten Glow

Burnished Bronze Ecaille
Burnished Bronze

Black Pearl Ecaille
Black Pearl

Platinum Ecaille
Polished Platinum

Copper Ecaille
Rich Copper

Ebony Ecaille
Elegant Ebony

Raw Ore Ecaille
Raw Ore

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