Curls Need-to-Know Tips

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When I see a woman or a girl with curly hair I want to have the same as it look always great and you don’t need to roll them up for the whole night. But it appears that women who possess this treasure try to straighten them all life long.

It is a pity. But if you have the same intensions, here are some curls care tips you need to know.

Curls Need-to-Know Tips

Masks for Dry Hair

  • Blend 5 oz vegetable marrow (if it’s young, don’t peel) and press out the liquid. Add 0.5 glass of milk and 1 tbsp olive oil. Stir it thoroughly and apply onto the hair. Rinse off the mask in 20 minutes.
  • Mix up 1 egg yellow, 1 tbsp vegetable or olive oil, 1 tea spoon honey, 1 tea spoon henna and 1 tea spoon cognac. Put the gruel onto the hair evenly and leave it there for 30-40 min. then rinse off with warm water.
  • There are lots of good responses about the Iranian henna and black hair dye. They strengthen the roots of hair, bring elasticity to the locks and create a sort of the protective cover on the hair surface.
  • If you are a curly blond, then rinse your hair with chamomile tincture.

What do you need to know about the curls?


Let hair dry without hair dryer as often as possible.

To keep hair healthy, follow 3 main rules: use neutral PH shampoo, rinse hair with cool water and comb them daily hanging the head down.

Don’t neglect special masks for curly hair. Practice them at least one time per week.

Use a wooden comb.


The more often you dye curls, the more they “rebel”. Use toning products instead of the dyeing if possible.


Short cuts (excluding the ultra-short boyish ones) are not a variant for curly and frizzy hair. Natural curls are rarity. Wear them long – it looks beautiful.


Lot of ultraviolet is harmful for both skin and hair. Don’t go outdoors without a hat, cap, and kerchief taking into the consideration the fact that they are in vogue this season. Protect hair with the help of thermoactive gel or indelible conditioner.

Hair straightening

It’s pretty hard to do straightening at home with the use of hair drier or iron. Stylists recommend undergoing this procedure while they are wet. To improve the result, use a big brush. And after they are dry. Use a cream or gel to fix what you’ve got.

Don’t try iron with metal plates!

If you can’t cope with it at home, then go to the salon where you’ll be provided with the “chemistry” but inside out. But remember that hair is in extreme need of special restoring care after such experiments.

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