Crown Braid YouTube Tutorials

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Crown Braid YouTube Tutorials

Crown braid is a great romantic hairstyle to sport to almost any ocassion. It can chic and glam as well as casual. There are various ways of creating it so here are some tutorials that will help with that.

The crown braid can also be styled differently. It can be accessorized with flowers or decorative hair pieces, as well as worn with half loose hair and pulled out strands.

Crown Braid YouTube Tutorials

To decorate your crown braid use ribbon, colored thread or something similar and braid it in. You can create a crown braid by creating a side braid and wrapping it around the head or start braiding French braid from the side and around the head.

To beautifully complete the hairdo tuck all the ends under the braid and fix with bobby pins. Stray hairs can be left as they are or tucked into the braid as well and fixed with pins.

Crown Braid YouTube Tutorials

Crown Braid YouTube Tutorials

Crown Braid Tutorials

Crown braid tutorial from CuteGirlsHairstyles:

Simple High Crown Braid tutorial form MsLaBelleMel:

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