Coloring Techniques Guide For Your Next Hair Salon Appointment

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We continue talking about hair because in the makeup department it’s all about dark lipstick this fall and we’re honestly out of tips by now when it comes to that. Hair, on the other hand, isn’t only about side parts and rainbow colors, various coloring techniques constantly emerge from the hair salons and take over the celebrity world trickling from red carpets into the media and the mainstream. The techniques trend and die but they can definitely enrich your hair coloring experience.

Coloring Techniques Guide

Hair coloring techniques

From top to bottom: ombre, sombre, splashlights, babylights


Chrissy Teigen

So most of you know by now what ombre is. A coloring technique that makes a usually darker color transition into a lighter shade or a contrasting color. It’s been popular the last few years but now it’s all about balayage. A painting technique that really boomed last year, which gives hair a more natural look with ‘sun-kissed’ strands. The dye is applied without foil and only to the surface to create a very soft transition from natural or darker to lighter shade. In comparison regular highlights look really harsh and noticeable, which gives them an outdated vibe.


Rosie Huntington Whiteley

Rosie Huntington Whiteley

Before babylights there was a fun brief hair coloring trend of splashlights that gave you a sunbeam in the head but a more wearable variation of highlights right now beside the balayage is babylights that are softer and more natural. The hair is separated into tiny strands that after the coloring process make hair look thick and multidimensional.


Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad

The need to make ombre more subtle resulted in sombre. It is a technique that gives you a similar result to ombre but with a more natural transition between shades and an overall softer look. This can often be achieved with balayage technique.

Hand Pressed Color

Hand pressed color technique

Hand pressed color technique is the latest. It was created by Chiala Marvici, a New York hair colorist who puts the dye on a sheet of plastic first and then presses the hair against it. The result can be as soft or strong as you’d like depending on the number of times the color is pressed against hair.

Hand pressed platinum blonde

Plantinum blonde created using hand pressed color method

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