Colorful Roots Are Another Cool Way To Rock Rainbow Hair Trend

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Rainbow hair trend takes on new subtrends, one of which is perfect for short hair and those who wants just a touch of color. Rainbow roots are a great alternative to colorful ombre and dip-dyed ends.

Colorful Roots Trend

Purple roots

Colorful roots look unusual and make for a great alternative to dark roots. Even if you are dying your hair some unnatural color, it doesn’t mean your roots should be dark or of the same shade. You can do a beautiful color combo or do it in a monochromatic scheme.

Colorful roots look especially great with lighter hair but you can also try them on dark locks. The only problem with this type of dye job is new regrowth that will make you tricolor when you’ll be growing it out or two-tone hair (in case of regular touch ups), which isn’t bad by itself necessarily but may not be what you want and also take a lot of effort to maintain. We don’t see any minuses, though. Colorful roots rock!

Blue roots

Pink roots on short hair

Magenta roots

Blue purple roots

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