Celebrity Tips to Glossy Hair

Wonder how to make your hair glossy and vivid? Well, there are no better advisers than our favorite all-knowing celebrities. Therefore keep reading to find out all the celebrity tips to get glossy hair easily.

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Firstly, I should mention that beautiful hair doesn’t necessarily presuppose its extreme length, while hair gloss is an absolute ‘must-have’. Hair gloss is the main characteristic of healthy well-groomed locks. Thus I’ve decided to share with you easy-to-do celebrity remedies to get glossy hair.

Celebrity Tips to Glossy Hair

For instance Jennifer Lopez once admitted that her glossy hair secret lies in BEER. She uses beer as a hair rinse or as a component of hair mask. It is better to prefer weiss beer to its dark counterpart, as dark beer has stronger smell and also can tinge your hair. If your hair is too dry then add several drops of olive oil and apply the derived mixture to your hair.

Celebrity Tips to Glossy Hair

By the way if to speak about oil, not only J Lo uses it to get glossy hair. As for example, Melanie Griffith likes to apply almond oil to her hair as it is a wonderful remedy to add healthy gloss and get rid of hair split ends.

Celebrity Tips to Glossy Hair

Also you can use Catherine Zeta-Jones’s tip to get glossy hair. It is very easy to DIY, mix equal parts of beer and honey, and then apply the mixture to your hair for 30 minutes.

Celebrity Tips to Glossy Hair

If your hair is blond then Marilyn Monroe’s trick to glossy hair will turn out to be indispensable for you. To have such glossy hair as Marilyn had, use only smooth water to wash your hair.

Celebrity Tips to Glossy Hair

And if you are a brunette use Angelina Jolie’s secret to hair gloss that she has brought back from the East. Take two pinches of black tea and a handful of wood chippings, mix everything, and then steep. Wait for the infusion to cool down and rinse your hair with it.

And in conclusion, I can’t but mention universal remedy for hair gloss that is used almost by every Hollywood inhabitant. Beat up a couple of eggs and apply the mixture to wet hair, keep this mask for 10 minutes and after wash off with warm water.

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  1. Gertrude Says:

    Um warm water will cook the eggs into your hair. Try cold, and you’ll have better results. ;-)

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