Celebrity Hair Makeovers

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Some celebs are changing their hairstyles constantly. Some keep their signature locks the same color or length for some time before trying something else. Today we’ll show you the most impressive celebrity hair makeovers. So you can decide which looks you like best and leave your comments about it.

Taylor Swift

Celebrity Hair Makeovers

Taylor Swift is known for her blonde curls but when Taylor showed up at AMA’10 carpet with her locks straight and a fringe she’s definitely stolen all the attention. She’s looking fresh and more mature with her straight stylish locks more so when she wore them in a ponytail with bangs.

Khloe Kardashian

Celebrity Hair Makeovers

Khloe Kardashian was known for her dark brown long locks but not until she showed off her new red hair, which look absolutely gorgeous. It definitely adds to her charisma and enhances the skin tone. This tint is very fresh, copper looks great with Khloe’s skin and as a result she looks more interesting.

Emma Watson

Celebrity Hair Makeovers

Harry Potter star Emma Watson has chopped her long locks for which she and her character Hermione was known as soon as the last movie was shot. Emma said that because of her role she couldn’t change her hairstyle. But now she sports a pixie cut in a brown color.

Kristen Stewart

Celebrity Hair Makeovers

Kristen Stewart has been dark-haired, red-haired as well as blonde and now she’s appeared in Vogue February 2011 blonde again. Stewart looks a bit like Jennifer Connelly with her defined eyebrows and green eyes in contrast with the light hair color.

So which looks do you like the most? Comment and know everything about the latest hair trends:

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