Capsicum Extract for Hair Growth

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Hair thickness not always depends on the expansive products or super salons procedures. Old proven recipes are sometimes much better. One of the main components of such recipes is the capsicum extract. I think, it’s the best hair growth boosting product.

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The effect of the capsicum extract is based on the following mechanism: alcohol steams out the skin warming it up. Due to the blood circulation stimulation hair bulbs receive more nourishing components as if rejuvenating them. Hair start growing intensively, acquire gloss and strength.

You can buy capsicum extract in any drugstore or prepare it at home.

  • Take 5-6 red papers, cut them and put into the bottle with alcohol. Let id brew for a week. And the extract is ready for use.

There are lots of the recipes on the bases of the capsicum extract.

You can simply mix it with burdock oil and apply onto the head skin two times a week.

  • One more perfect nourishing recipe. Take 1 tbsp capsicum extract, cognac, oil (vegetable or burdock), lemon, honey, and 1 egg yolk. Stir it well. These ingredients are hard to mix that’s why be patient. After you finish, apply the mask onto the head skin and along the hair, cover it with polyethylene and then with a towel to create a hothouse conditions. Leave the mask on for half an hour and then shampoo it off. The result is shining healthy hair.

Feel free to vary the ingredients of this recipe. One can add mustard powder or kefir to the mixture.

There can be anything to be applied onto the hair. As they say, everything for the result.

Remember, that capsicum extract is the great but very burning product. Avoid getting the extract on to the eyes and wash your hands carefully after putting it on. If you decide to rub the extract into the head skin, dilute it with water. Watch your sensations: if it burns not so hard, then don’t dilute it at all.

The masks for the rubbing can be done a couple of times per week along the month or longer.

Everything is for the result.

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