Camila Alves Reveals New Mom Hair Style

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Matthew McConaughey’s girlfriend Camila Alves looks so charming after giving birth to their daughter Vida one month ago. Her hair is long and she isn’t going to cut them.

Camila Alves

Hosting the Bravo’s hair-styling show Shear Genius she shares the tips for new moms’ hair style:

“Do not cut the hair,” the 28-year-old model says. “When you first have a baby and you’re pregnant, you’re hormonal and you’re going through all these changes. Your body’s not back to where it needs to be. The last thing you need if you have long hair is to have short hair. The last thing you need is to deal with something new. I would say to keep what you have and try to make the best of it. If you want to change your color, go for it, but don’t do anything dramatic. You don’t need anything drastic and dramatic after you go through something like that.”

She talks on her fashion tips for body after baby:

“Don’t try to do anything crazy,” she says. “Try to keep it basic. After you have a baby, you still have a little belly. Things are not back to normal yet. It takes some time for your body to go back to normal, so the flowy stuff and the layers really, really help, but also we’ve got Spanx.”

On hiding her bump early on:

“I just found out I was pregnant,” she says. “I was actually sick during the whole time shooting, and I couldn’t tell anybody. People were like ‘Why is she drinking so much Club Soda on the set?’. And clothes started to not fit anymore. They were like, ‘What’s going on here?’ ”

She added:

“I couldn’t tell anybody. And it definitely did get tricky because the people in wardrobe would go, ‘Well, we fit this on you a week ago, and now it doesn’t fit you anymore.’ The flowy stuff definitely helped. Things that had layers on it. I’d say layers, but not heavy layers, because that makes you look bigger.”

Camila Alves and Metthew McConaughey

On working out with long working hours and family:

“Some of my days were 19-hour days. They’d either come to the set, or I’d see them early in the morning and kiss them when I got home – they were already in bed. It was definitely tricky to have the family and the show at the same time because the hours were long. But we worked it out.”

On how she is balancing now with two babies and a boyfriend:

“I’m not even sure myself,” she laughs. “I have my mom here, who has been giving me a good hand, and I’m just trying to keep everything as smooth as I can. I love working. It’s part of my life. It’s what I like to do. We try and keep a good balance.”

On her most precious moments:

“Coming home with Vida and her meeting Levi,” she says. “That was a pretty neat moment.”

On cutting Levi’s hair (their 18-month-old son):

“We haven’t cut his hair yet,” she tells me, brushing off when they intend to take him for his first trip to the salon.

On keeping hair natural and healthy:

“As natural as possible,” she tells me. “I try to keep my hair as simple as I can, so it can do it’s own thing. I try to wash my hair once a week. People think you have to wash your hair all the time, but, actually, you need to let your hair produce its own oils and be healthy on its own. I try to not use a lot of chemicals.”

She adds:

“I like to use Kerastase conditioner – the green one (I forget what the name is); Moroccanoil (the conditioner) – I really like that, and the oil itself. From the counter, I like Fructis. I like that out of the can. I love to wear my hair curly, like natural, but that’s not an everyday thing, it’s only when my hair decides that it would like to be curly.”

On Matthew’s attitude about Camila’s work?

“He was very supportive. Matthew is very supportive on everything. We are very supportive of each other on everything we do.”

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