Brilliant Decisions For Dyed Hair

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Want something new in your image? Sometimes it’s enough to swift for another hair color and you’re a completely different woman! But after that you can face the problem of fragile dyed hair, splitting ends and loss of gloss in some time. What to do?

Brilliant Decisions For Dyed Hair1

Impossible to pick up the styling products

Decision: Lots of hair styling products have appeared on stores’ shelves lately that are orientated to the definite hair type, including dyed hair (highlighted) and damaged hair.

They are rich in special vitamin complexes, various protective and strengthening elements that brighten up the color and help restore the hair structure. Such hair stylings should be applied carefully in order not to overload the hair with them.

Your arsenal: Gels, mousses, hairsprays and other means for the dyed (streaking) hair.

Recommendation: The hair styling units shouldn’t contain spirit.

Worth trying: Tea adds luxurious volume to hair. Rub the brew in hair roots (the recipe is not for the blonds) and then keep doing your hair styling as usual.

Brilliant Decisions For Dyed Hair

Hair color getting duller

Decision: Hair dyeing gurus believe right shampoos and conditioners shoulld be chosen. You’d better wash your just-after-dyeing hair with special shampoos of the same brand that the dyer is, they think. Such things neutralize alkali on the surface of the head skin and promote the hair cuticle closing that provides more stable dyeing.

Your arsenal: Specified shampoos to maintain the hair tint and gloss. They can be used constantly or in turn with some other shampoos for dyed hair. The unique stuff of them supplies hair with dyeing and soothing elements simultaneously.

Recommendation: It’s necessary to wash hair with toning shampoos to keep the hair hue. They are perfect as they don’t penetrate into hair but remain on the surface of it.

Worth trying: Mix up 2 tbsp grinded hairgrass and burdock and pour 2 pints water into it. Let it drew for 6 hours and then filter it. Use it as a rinser to strengthen hair. Hairgrass contains up to 2.3 gr of ascorbic acid that our organism hunts for during fall-spring period.

Too dry hair

Decision: Balms and conditioners for dyed hair are rich in natural waxes on the emulsify basis that allows to neutralize the rests of alkali and fixate the dye.

Your arsenal: Balms, rinsers, conditioners and masks intended to care of dyed hair.

Brilliant Decisions For Dyed Hair2

Recommendation: Rinse the balm and conditioners thoroughly otherwise their remainders can make your hair duller. Keep you eye on the light textured hair care things.

Worth trying: Rinse our hair with lemon juice addition (approximately 1 lemon to 2 pints).

Fragile hair

Decision: The real secret of hair brilliance and health is hidden in their regular moistening. Use conditioners for dry hair as a medical emergency service.

Your arsenal: Conditioners containing jojoba oil, silk proteins, panthenol, coconut milk.

Recommendation: If hair is still far from shining, then moisten it with every-day-use serum.

Worth trying: Infusion of milfoil, celandine, chamomile and sage is great for dyed hair. Take 1 tbsp of each herb and mix. Then pour 2 pints of water into it. Let it draw for 30 minutes and filter. Rinse your hair with this restoring infusion.

Let your hair be always luxuriant and shining!

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