Beyonce’s New Bangs And Best Hairstyles

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Beyone's new bangs

Hair brings so much to our look. It can totally change our appearance in a matter of seconds. Hair chameleons that are celebrities know that pretty well so they transform their hairstyles all the time. Beyonce loves playing with her look and recently revealed her new baby bangs.

Beyonces’s Best Hairstyles

Beyonce’s new bangs really resemble her own hairstyle in a Telephone music video with Lady Gaga. Only now she’s blonde. The star has changed a few hairstyles lately. This included a really short pixie cut, an assymetric lob, and a short bob. But her signature hair have long been blonde waves, of course.

Beyonce hair

One of the best hairstyles is Beyonce’s side-parted waves. The extreme side part is accented by the volume and all the hair is swept to one side.

Beyonce at 2011 MTV Video Music Awards

Beyonce at 2011 MTV Video Music Awards


Beyonce’s casual breezy beach waves are super cool and, well, breezy.

Beyonce hair

Beyonce isn’t a stranger to bangs. She’s sported these cool bangs a while ago both straight and waved.

Beyonce's bangs

We also love her take on an uber fashionable top bun hairstyle that also features bangs.

Beyonce bun

And she’s also sported darker hair.

Beyonce braid

Her trendy braid is stylish but effortless.

Beyonce pixie haircut

If you ever wondered  how Beyonce looked with really short hair, here is the picture. Though this haircut hasn’t lasted long we appreciate the look. It’s cool and super stylish and really suits her.

Beyonce's lob

The trendy lob hasn’t averted Beyonce. Her assymetrical lob looks great especially waved.

What do you think about Beyonce’s latest hair transformation and what hairstyle did you like the most?

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