Best Ways To Style Your Lob

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Gwyneth Paltrow lob

Long bob is a glamourous haircut. It is not as demanding as bob and you can style it in more varied ways or put it up whenever you feel like it. Combine it with a trendy ombre or pastel dip-dyed ends and it’s a whole new look. You can also do beachy waves and even ponytails. It is a perfect middle ground between a stylish bob and long hair.

Depending on the length and shape of your lob you can style it in quite different ways.

Six Ways To Style Your Lob

Jessica Alba lob

Beach Waves

Well, this classic never goes out of style. Beach waves in summer can be problematic though as there is enough heat damage done to your hair by the sun. Try out these heat-free methods to create beach waves.

Taylor Swift lob

Retro Waves

Retro waves are too classy to wear every day but what the hell, if you like it, we say go for it. You really don’t even have to huff and puff to create a full head of retro waves. Just a few finger-like waved strands at the front would do the trick of creating that coveted retro look.

Graphic Lines

Mary-KAte Olsen lob

This one is easier if your lob is shaped in clear lines. You can just put your straightener to work and get on with your day.

Kerry Washington & Emma Stone lob


Fringe can add or detract from the look so be careful when choosing the shape, the length, and volume of your fringe.

Nip And Tuck

Kate Mara lob

Kate Mara knows a way or two to style her lob when the new haircut becomes well, quite old. Nipping and tucking the front strands can give you a better view on things, litterally.

Smooth It Out

Nicole Richie lob

Nicole Richie is no stranger to smooth wet look hair. Her lob looks stylish and sexy thanks to the wet effect and smoothed out strands. Try it next time your lob wouldn’t want to keep the volume or the waves.

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