Best Celebrity-Inspired Hairstyle Ideas for Spring 2011

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Finally, warm spring days have come and now we can completely enjoy romantic mood that spring radiates. Moreover in spring nature revives that surely can’t but inspire us for our own transformations adding some fresh vivid spirit of spring weather to our usual makeup and hairstyle look. Thus if you haven’t yet decided how freshen up your look, our celebrity-inspired hairstyle ideas for Spring 2011 would no doubt help you to make the right choice in favor of fashionable and romantic look.

Vanessa Hudgens: Loose Waved Updo

Best Celebrity-Inspired Hairstyle Ideas for Spring 2011

What can look more romantic than cute curls, especially styled in a form of loose updo… Vanessa Hudgens perfectly demonstrates us how your hair can be styled in Spring 2011 season. In order to get the same cute hairstyle look you need to make small curls, fasten it with pins and let the front curls hang loose.

Katie Holmes: Romantic Waves instead of Bob

Best Celebrity-Inspired Hairstyle Ideas for Spring 2011

Katie Holmes looks absolutely amazing sporting this waved hairstyle. Actually long well-groomed hair is one of the best options for every season, but especially in Spring this kind of a hairstyle gains its vivid zest. To get the hairstyle look Katie Holmes has demonstrated you just need to make big waves ant let them hang loose.

Claire Danes: Wavy Long Bob Hairstyle

Best Celebrity-Inspired Hairstyle Ideas for Spring 2011

Claire Danes opted for uber feminine hairstyle look and I must admit made a wise choice, as this a little waved asymmetric bob never better accentuated her beautiful features. This kind of a bob hairstyle looks especially striking coupled with natural makeup and glowing complexion.

Kim Kardashian: Perfect Sleek Ponytail

Best Celebrity-Inspired Hairstyle Ideas for Spring 2011

Kim Kardashian is no doubt can be called the best ponytail “wearer”. And this Spring Kim’s sleek ponytail look suits her best.

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  1. baldev Says:

    Very beautiful and seductive

  2. selena Says:

    selena gomez baj baj okey nooo problem am notting opt-out

  3. Celeb smile Says:

    Kim has a beautiful smile…

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