Beehive Hairstyle Fifty Years After

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A hairstyle that is honored by now as a chic classic look worth any glam diva and suitable for every significant red carpet event in modern showbiz. Beehive hairstyle has become one of the most favorite one among such celebrated Hollywood fashionistas as Beyonce, Amy Winehouse, Jennifer Lopez and many many others… and few people know that an unpretentious hairstyle was, so to say, ‘invented’ fifty long years ago!

Beehive Hairstyle Fifty Years After

Margaret Vinci Heldt, who turned 92 this year, invented the Beehive in 1960 when she was asked to create a hairstyle “to mark the decade”. And she wasn’t found waiting, having represented high ‘do, marking thereby the sweet sixties.

They told me: We want you to come up with something really different.

retired hairstylist, Mrs Heldt, remembers.

Beehive Hairstyle Fifty Years After

And I must admit Margaret Vinci Heldt succeed in making ‘order from above’ come true, as beehive hairstyle is even fifty years later still in!

Wonder why the hairstyle got such an uncommon name associated with bees?!  You probably think that it is because of the twisted shape the beehive has. No-no-no, things are much simpler. The elderly hairstylist explained that the beehive hairstyle name was inspired by a black velvet conical cap with two decorations looking like bees.

I liked that hat because, when I took it off, my hairstyle stayed in place.

Beehive Hairstyle Fifty Years After

Today we can’t even imagine Christina Hendricks or Amy Winehouse with hair styled differently as they made the beehive almost their signature hairstyle. And if you are eager to make anything similar to their beehive hairstyle, don’t be afraid of experimenting and just keep in mind the following piece of advice:

It is all about manipulating the shape and volume of your hair to suit your features. Perfect for effortlessly chic appeal.

Beehive Hairstyle Fifty Years After

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