Beauty Guide to Voluminous Hair

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It is not necessary to be a professional hairstylist or have an army of beauty assistants to give your hair that gorgeous voluminous chic. It is just enough to follow simple instructions to get voluminous hair you’ve been always eager for.

4 easy steps to get sexy voluminous locks:

Beauty Guide to Voluminous Hair

Step #1

The very first step on the way to voluminous hair is to wash and towel dry your strands. After apply a bit of your fave mousse or hairstyling lotion to the roots of your hair, gradually moving to the tips. Be sure not to overdo with all those hair products.

Step #2

The next step in creating hair volume is to blow dry you tresses. The key here is to arm with a round brush and direct the nozzle of your blow drier into your roots while lifting your strands with the help of  your round hairbrush.

Step #3

Forget everything you’ve heard about backcombing, as actually slight teasing can really work wonders for your hair. Using a small backcombing brush, take a pair of one-inch hair sections from the sides and the back of your head. Tease a little bit, being sure to stay close to the roots. Smooth with your hands and fix using any light-hold hairspray.

Step #4

Don’t despair, if your perfect voluminous hair in the morning go flat in midday. Dry shampoo is the greatest hair tool to keep hair volume for longer. You need just blast a bit to your hair roots and shake it a bit with fingers. Dry shampoo will absorb any excess oil from your hair and bring that gorgeous volume back.

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  1. hairstylist resume Says:

    It’s very imperative to use a lighter conditioner as heavy conditioner coat the hair shaft which indulges in weigh down. Applying conditioner in a proper way is very important and never applies it to scalp.

  2. Hair salon jobs Says:

    Perhaps it is easy for lots of people to care their hair, but not for all. Hair stylists are those people who have complete knowledge of hair that is required to maintain and increase beauty of hair so if you are going to try a new product, then once you must consult to your hairstylists because lots of time it happens that a high quality product also doesn’t suit to your health.

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