Anna Sui Hair Care line 2009

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Designers are great about outfits and accessories but they are often big failures when it comes to skin care or hair care products. They are not professionals and though they do seek help from good specialists what usually comes out in the result is not the best quality possible.

I love Anna Sui’s clothing, it is really nice, but does it have anything in common with cosmetics? I guess no. But I still hope the hair care products which have appeared recently under the designer’s name are not bad.

agyness deyn anna sui haircare fall winter 2009 2010
The line was created in Japan and is said to have been tested backstage at her shows. The range includes: shampoo, conditioner and repairing oil treatment.

The bottles are decorated with signature Anna Sui rose design and the scent is also rosewater.

anna sui hair care fall winter 2009 2010
I do want this line to be a success to prove me and millions of others – non-believers – that designers can be good at many things!

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Mona Liz

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One Response to “Anna Sui Hair Care line 2009”
  1. Sarah Says:

    I love this idea! Anna Sui always has good items – lets hope this one is a winner. When and where will it be available???

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