All-Around-The-Body Care Winter Tips

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Winter requires special care and switch of the basic moistening creams for the anti-cold ones. But if you haven’t changed everything from summer time, then use at least these easy tips to keep your skin, lips, hair and so on healthy and undamaged. Because sometimes it’s enough to use a couple of interesting ideas that can care about you well.

Body Care Winter Tips1

Here are they:


If your lips are dry and peel off, rub them with usual Vaseline using a wet piece of fabric or a towel. That will remove the dead cells and prevent them from getting dry again.

Body Care Winter Tips3

The lips color and smoothness usually fades in winter. So you can use a lemon juice to restore the natural lips hue.

And try to control yourself! I mean, if you have that horrible habit to lick the lips. The comments are unnecessary, I suppose.


Don’t be surprised at people who wear sunglasses in winter. They probably do right. The sunglasses protect the tender skin around the eyes from cold winds and snowfalls.

Body skin care

Constant warm clothes wearing, temperature drops and humidity lead to the skin dryness. But it’s easy to bring the skin its healthy and smooth state back. Prepare the following mixture: take olive oil, mustard oil and sesame oil in equal proportions. Massage this wholesome oils mixture around the whole body. Take a bath with all this on. It will seem as if these oils release the skin from winter stresses and you’ll feel relaxed. Your skin will forget about that irritating dryness.

Body Care Winter Tips4

If your skin suffers from overdryness, then use coconut oil as an emergency remedy. It takes a few drops to say Good Bay to the dryness.

The perfect bath for winter time contains some drops of the abovementioned oils. That’ll help keep the moisture that is possibly to be lost during the bath taking.


Nails need anti-froze protection either. Don’t neglect a nail base coat. It’s ever better if you apply double layers of nail base coat and only then your favorite polish.

Body Care Winter Tips

Wear the mittens or gloves. Obligation! Try to develop a habit to put them on before you go out to avoid the sharp temperature drop.


If your hair looks dry, take the aloe juice and cover your hair with it massaging for several minutes. The effect is awesome.

You can also cure hair with any oil, even massage one. Just rub it into the hair roots and along the length once a week. It moistens it really great. Olive oil works miracles as well. Warm it up before applying. And attention!: too frequent oil use can cause the inverse effect. So, follow the schedule – one time per week.

Try to wash your hair as rarely as it’s possible. But if you wash it daily, then don’t do it just before going outdoors.

Body Care Winter Tips2

Headgears protect from cold but they also damage hair if they are of wool in particular. Have you noticed the lining of the fur caps? It’s silk as far as silk doesn’t damage hair and doesn’t overdry them. That’s why the silk headscarves are perfect for wearing in principle. But if it’s a kind of weird idea for you, then at least choose a headdress with silk lining.

Split hair is the problem that everyone faces with in winter time (even those who doesn’t have this problem the year round). The conclusion is to cut your hair frequently or take a special care using the modern hair products.

Have a good winter time!

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