8 Hair Shampooing Tips

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Yes, sure, you know how to wash your hair from the day you were born, but let’s distinguish some rules of how to wash your precious hair in order to be sure you do it right!


1. Wet your hair intensively before the shampoo is applied on. This is more important than you might realize.

2. The amount of shampoo used should be according to the length of your hair. Long hair should use only about a tablespoon. Shorter hair, obviously less.

3. Start shampooing on the crown of your head massaging the sides and top. Shampooing is really more about cleansing the scalp than it is about cleaning your actual hair. The more product you put on your hair the more it will become limp and dry throughout the day.

4. Rinse well.

5. Apply conditioner and distribute it to the ends. This is the oldest and most damaged area and needs all the help it can get. Try to leave the conditioner on your hair for about 5 minutes.

6. Rinse well again. Check out whether you are using a traditional conditioner or a leave in variety.

7. Squeeze as much water from your hair as possible. Wound a towel round your head.

8. Blow dry your hair. Air dry is preferable.

Hair wash is the basis for your hair beauty.

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