5 Hairstyles That Will Survive Any Workout

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When it comes to working out hair is the first thing to get in the way and make for a messy unkempt look. And while you might want to skip on makeup to let your skin breathe and sweat normally without making a mess of your face, sporting a chic, stylish hairdo may not only add you style points but also save you time getting ready for work or a night out after the workout.

Hairdos That Survive Workouts

Two Dutch braids

You could call it a workout hairstyle of 2015. A simple but beautiful braid hairdo anyone can do and that gets the job done perfectly. No hair is getting in the way or drenched in too much sweat. Two French or Dutch braids is a perfect workout hairstyle that will also take you to office and out.

Braided ponytail

It’s hard overestimate braids’ practicality. They’re efficient in pulling hair together, letting you do your thing. A braided ponytail is a much better and more beautiful hairstyle than a regular ponytail because your hair doesn’t get too messy or bouncy and stays intact during high intensity movement.

Multi-braided ponytail

You can give your braided ponytail more texture and detail with multiple braids that you can then braid together for further convenience.

Sectioned ponytail

Another way to tame your ponytail is to section it. It’s a perfect hairstyle for both work and workout as well as a night out.

Knotted French twist

More images and tutorial at Hair Romance

Finally, if you’re not really a braid girl a French twist roll can be a great alternative.

A thing to remember when creating a workout hairstyle is to get all the hair out of your face not only for convenience but also to prevent it from getting sweaty and greasy. You can add those little loose strands later when your hair is dry. Do fix it well to prevent hair from falling out or the hairdo falling apart during an intense workout.

If you want to leave the gym with dry gorgeous hair put styling product in your mane before braiding it. Dry it a bit after a workout (with help of dryer or paper towels), finger-comb your hair and apply some volumizing or strong hold product (depending on how your hair holds waves) and voila, soft beach waves after the workout.

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