5 Hair Tricks For Creating Waves Without Heat

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Summer can be hard on your hair and skin. Heat, harmful sun rays, and sweat can mess up your beauty routine and the last thing you want to do is to add more of that to create those glam effortless beach waves. So here are the five hair tricks for creating your waves without curling iron, hair rollers, straightener, or heat.

Create Waves Without Heat

Headband roll

Headband roll

Corn Rows

For simpler waves you’d just have to wear a couple of corn rows for a few hours or better yet, the night. To make waves last longer apply a styling mousse to slightly damp hair and braid the corn rows and leave them to dry. This will not only make the waves last longer but also make corn rows easier to create.

Regular Bun

You can get irregular but nevertheless pretty beach waves by just tying the hair in a knot for a couple of hours. The longer you wear the bun the better waves will turn out. You can also take the advantage of this updo. Style it, tease it to give it volume and you will look glam till your waves are ready.

Headband Roll

If bun doesn’t work for you or you want to go with a more romantic look before you get those summer-y relaxed waves for the evening we suggest go for the headband roll.

iHeart Radio Awards

Rihanna wears top knots at 2014 iHeart Radio Awards

Top Knots

There is actually a way to use small top knots to your advantage. You can really get beautiful waves with them. Divide hair into several sections depending on how small or big you want your waves to be. Create small top knots by twisting hair away from face and secure with elastic. Go to bed. Wake up gorgeous. Well, you’ll have to unwirl the top knots first, but they’ll look great.

Finger Method

Finger method is great for those special night occasions when you want to look extra glamorous. This may take time and effort but these retro-inspired waves are so worth it.

How do you create your no-heat waves?

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