5 Hair Cut Trends 2010

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To be trendy and stylish we run after the offers given by designers. It applies to nail trends and hair styles as well.

If you follow the hair beauty industry trends you should know the gurus of it – Toni&Guy that are already 45 years on the run. Have a look at their professional hairdresser trends 2010 available on a global scale.

5 Hair Cut Trends 20101


This one is shaped and layered around the neck with flyaway strands falling over the face. The longer strings are tapered and pulled out for a disheveled look.

This-way-styled hair is done with the use of extra hold wax that makes the strands stand out highlighting the sleek hair style.


Trendy is styled around the base of the nape and sides with the main volume on top and uneven strands falling over the forehead down the brows.

This style goes well with thick hair as it’s easy to create the volume and keep the style until hair grows longer. Ceramic scissors are used for this cut.

5 Hair Cut Trends 20102

Sixties Retro

It looks like young Twiggy was an inspiration of this hair image. An unstructured bob tapered under the jaw, cut high around the nape and left longer around the face.


This short cut is aimed at frizzy (though it’s so hard to manage with short frizzy hair cut) and permed hair.

The soft curls sticking up all over the head down to the nape are easy to be styled for this cut. Dry them naturally and fluff up with wax using fingertips.

5 Hair Cut Trends 2010


This hairdressing works on the asymmetry of closely cropped at the neck and varying lengths sticking out and smooth longer front part of hair swept over the face.

So, choose one of this 5 Toni&Guy hairdressers to complete you image in 2010.

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