5 Great Ways To Use Bobby Pins

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Bobby pins are a universal hair accessory. There are so many ways you can use them to create any updo for any ocassion. Experiment with bobby pins to create the best hairdos or use them as accessories themselves. Colored bobby pins make for great colorful accent in your hair.

Interesting Ways To Use Bobby Pins

Bobby pin half up

Geometric Trick

Using bobby pins create geometric shapes on your hair to add a minimalistic but stylish accessory to your hairdo. Choose bobby pins of contrasting color that will be visible against your hair color.

Pin up hair

Pin Up Hair

Pin up style hair cannot be done without help of bobby pins. From classy rolls to playful pin curls bobby pins can do it all and more.

Backstage at Rodarte fall 2012 fashion show

Accessory Style

Don’t shy from decorative bobby pins. They aren’t just for kids. Choose tasteful decorative pins to add glamour to your look whether it be beach waves or a French twist.

Bobby pins

No-Elastic Half Up

Bobby pins cannot be more useful for creating a half up and no elastic is required. You can also fix your braid using just bobby pins, make sure to hide them well though.


Lightweight Hair

Bobby pins make it easier to disguise unsightly parts of your hairdo like elastic making your hairdo look flawless and as if it defies gravity.

There are many more ways to use bobby pins to style your hair. You can paint a number of bobby pins to create a certain pattern that would adorn your hair if you use them in the right sequence. All kinds of twists and rolls are quite easily fixed with bobby pins that can be easily hidden in the hair. Experiment with multiple bobby pins to create a truly unique look.

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