5 Glam Beach-Friendly Hairstyles

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While beach waves might be perfect for any occasion and are called beach waves it’s not exactly a hairstyle that is beach-friendly. At least not for everybody. If you have long hair that can easily tangle with breeze check out these five hairdos that will help you keep hair pretty at the beach and easily get a party-ready look.

Glam Beach Hairdos

Top Knot

5 Glam Beach-Friendly Hairstyles

Pull the hair up in a fashionable top knot and you’re set to go. The top knot is great for swimming and sunbathing. It can be accessorized with  a couple of decorative bobby pins or a headband for an evening look.

Milkmaid braid

5 Glam Beach-Friendly Hairstyles

Milkmaid braid is a perfect way to get beach-ready with glamour but also take hair out of the way – it won’t get into the water unless you like diving or get tangled in windy weather. This hairdo can easily be transformed into summer party look with a flower or other hair accessory.

Texturized Bun

5 Glam Beach-Friendly Hairstyles

Texturized bun is glam and practical. You don’t get your hair dirty while enjoying the beach and still look glam. You can add texture to the bun by slightly pulling some strands so that stick out a bit creating tousled feather-y look.

French Braid

5 Glam Beach-Friendly Hairstyles

French braid romantic and glam. It can be worn down or pulled up and fixed to avoid getting hair into water. There are many ways of wearing it so be sure to explore and try various versions.

Wet Look Hair

5 Glam Beach-Friendly Hairstyles

Want to protect your hair from salt and other stuff? Sleek your hair back if you have medium or short hair using lotion or gel creating a wet look that is trendy right now and you can accessorize it with a hair piece if you want to.

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