5 Facts About Getting Platinum Blonde Hair

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Going blonde may be a problem for many people. High levels of natural pigment and other factors may intervene and hair damage is always inevitable. Going platinum blonde is three times harder and deals much more damage to hair. These are the most important facts to know when going platinum blonde.

Platinum Blonde Hair Facts

Platinum blonde hair

Hair Damage

Going blonde is associated with hair damage because more often than not people require more than one or even two bleaching sessions to get the coveted blonde shade. The darker the hair the harder it is to get platium blonde hair and the more damage there’ll be. So forget about strong shiny hair when going blonde from black or red.

Hay Texture

Dryness is normal for dyed hair but it’s still unpleasant. Conditioner and all kinds of moisturizing masks may alleviate a problem temporarily but will never repair the inflicted damage.

Swimming Pool Hazards

Bleached hair and metals in swimming pool water are incompatible because these metals turn artificially blonde hair green.

Root Problem

The root problem is so common because of the great contrast between platinum (or really light) blonde hair and the natural pigment.

Overall Style

Overall style will require change when going blonde. Your face features may require enhancement and your makeup adjustments to the new hair color.

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