5 Easy Party Hairstyles

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Holiday season is advancing so it’s time to think through a couple of party looks. If you need a couple of easy party hairstyle ideas to save some time on dressing up and still look fabulous then take a look at the 5 holiday hairdos below.

Chic Party Knot

5 Easy Party Hairstyles

A knot is a time-saver as well as a super versatile hairstyle. You can wear it to places like beach or glamorous party and though it may look differently the principle is same and easy. Pull hair back making sure it’s smooth and even. Fix with elastic in a ponytail at any point of your head and start playng with hair texture. You can create several braids or make a simply bun and tousle it. You can also wear a super sleek version or a super messy knot, all depending on what kind of party you’re going to.

Accessorize Short Hair

5 Easy Party Hairstyles

Accessorize short hair with a bejeweled statement headband. Choose the one that will fit your look and make sure to texturize the hair to ensure a glam look. You can tease the hair at the headband and accentuate certain strands with some hair wax.

Gucci Hair

5 Easy Party Hairstyles

This mid-parted romantic hairstyle is just so simple to achieve. Add some volume to the hair with a good blowout and waves. Take the two front strands and slightly twist to create shape then fix with a decorative pin. Voila! Glam, fab and simply beautiful.

Bangs + Side-Swept Waves

5 Easy Party Hairstyles

This is a great blunt bang hairstyle. The hair is slightly waved and all pulled to one side. It’s simple, romantic and is proper for any party or a holiday dinner. You can accessorize it with the statement earrings.

Sleek Extreme Side Part

5 Easy Party Hairstyles

This is an elegant party look that is ultimately chic. It involves an extreme side part and can be finished with a knot, a bun, or even a low rise ponytail. It’s simple to achieve and can be worn to both small parties and big festivities. Part hair at the left side (it may be right side if you prefer) and apply styling product that will smoothen the hair capturing all the small stray hairs. Once it’s perfectly sleek fix the ‘do with elastic and start creating a bun or a wrapped ponytail.

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