5 Cool Trends In Rainbow Hair

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Rainbow hair is not giving up its hard-earned place in the mainstream beauty. It keeps changing and creating its own trends. First everyone wore it in pastel tones, now it became much more complex going through ombre, balayage, and other coloring trends with us.

Rainbow Hair Trends

Two tone hair

Two Tone

Dying your hair in two contrasting colors may not fit the dress code but it sure looks cool. Girls’ favorite color combos include pastel pink and bluish grey, yellow and pink, and definitely turquoise and pink. Sand art hair

Sand Art

To actually call it rainbow hair you might want to try to wear more than two colors at once. Sand art is a balayage technique for colorful hair that allows you to wear all the colors of rainbow and then some. Opal hair

Opal Hair

Opal hair is a pastel blend of rainbow colors that are irredescent like when you play with an actual opalstone in the sun.

Oil slick hair

Oil Slick

Oil slick is a coloring technique that allows to wear bright colors on dark hair. Colorist Aura Friedman looked for petroleum for inspiration for this. The colors shine on the dark background as opposed to opal hair that has mother of pearl base. Smokestack hair by Pravanna


Smokestack is the latest rainbow hair trend created by artistic color director Vadre Grigsby of Pravana.  The technique mixes five similar shades with a gradient effect.

If you want to, you can do something in between or entirely different because that’s the beauty of the rainbow hair. Among other unnatural hair color trends there is one especially dear to our heart is platinum grey hair (aka granny hair).

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