4 Tips for Perfect Ponytail

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4 Tips for Perfect Ponytail

Ponytails are so “in” this season that we couldn’t help but prepared 4 tips for a perfect ponytail and they are all yours now. Ponytails are universal, whether you are going to the grocery store or out for a dinner you’ll look fabulous and trendy in both settings. Besides it doesn’t take much time to make a ponytail, which will help you look polished the trick is to complete the look.

Tip # 1

Greasy hair are not the problem, even otherwise. The natural oil are more tamed and easy to work with. Second or third-day hair may look clean and puffy, so take a bit of styling gel or anti-frizz cream to eliminate frizziness. If your hair is coarse avoid using oily serums. Then blowdry or straighten your hair for smooth effect before making an updo. Your ponytail will look better if you straighten and smoothen every section.

Tip # 2

Location is vital since it may accentuate or downplay your beauty and flaws. Low ponytails keep accent on jaw and necklines. High ponytails aligned with your ears’ tops can keep spotlight on them. If you want to update your look to appear younger put a ponytail at the crown. Use hair extensions to lengthen your ponytail.

Tip # 3

To keep the volume don’t flip your head over while brushing your hair for a ponytail. And don’t use normal elastics but rather opt for bungee elastic since it doesn’t pull hair too much. To prevent stray hair spritz your paddle brush with hairspray.

Tip # 4

Don’t go sleeker if your hair lacks volume because then your ponytail will look poor. Tease your hair at the crown to create volume. If you have wide face opt for the same variant as it will help elongate your face. Simply brush the base to tame it a bit. If you want to go sleeker use styling gel to damp hair. Blowdry your ponytail on cool mode.

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