4 Most Elegant Trendy Hair Colors

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Rainbow hair trend has brought unnatural bright hair colors into the mainstream. Red, blue, green, and even yellow brights are everywhere now but these four no less trendy hair colors are most elegant.

Elegant Trendy Hair Colors

Ombre grey hair

Granny Grey

Between beauty gurus and celebs granny grey has become a hot trend that pushed aside the second granny’s favorite hair color – lavender. Grey looks beautiful in both light and dark tones and works amazing with ombre technique.

Lavender hair

Lavender Smoke

Smoky laveneder is another hair color beloved by beauty gurus and celebs alike. It’s tame and elegant and looks well on both long and short hair.

Dirty pink hair color

Dirty Pink

Pink is a popular pastel hair color choice but dirty pink is a little different and less widespread. It also has a special charm about it.

Cornflower Blue

Blue hair color

If you want something really different cornflower blue is the way to go. Most people go for bright blues but a pastel smoky blue is usually a photoshop work.

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