4 Glam Ways To Wear Bun

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Bun is an easy hairstyle to do and it’s great for summertime. There are quite a few ways of wearing it to look glam. All you need for this hairdo is an elastic and some bobby pins. The bun can be worn by day and by night and look both stylish and effortless.

4 ways to glam up the bun:

Top Knot Bun

4 Glam Ways To Wear Bun

Top knot bun is a great summer hairdo. It can be styled effortlessly for casual wear and sleeked for the evening. Start off with a high ponytail and then fixed the bun with bobby pins when it’s done. The look can be completed with bold earrings and big sunglasses.

Messy Bun

4 Glam Ways To Wear Bun

Messy bun is another variation of this easy hairdo. It can be created just like the top knot but in a messier manner. To glam it up sleek back the hair into ponytail and make the bun messy to achieve a contrast in this hairdo.

Headband Bun

4 Glam Ways To Wear Bun
Adorn a simple bun with a headband and voila the evening look is ready. Simple, fast, and quite glam too. Choose headband that will fit your outfit style and won’t overwhelm the rest of the hair. A double headband works great at creating a romantic look.

Side Bun

4 Glam Ways To Wear Bun

Side bun is fun and playful but it can be glam as well. Side part the hair and sweep it all to one side to make the bun. Fix with bobby pins and style a couple of strands to frame the face. A great solution for an evening look.

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