3 Trendy Braid Hairstyles For Glam Everyday Hair

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Braids are sexy. They are also pretty easy to do and can be incorporated into almost any updo. Want to upgrade your daily hair routine and stand out? Try one of these three braid hairstyles that are both edgy and glam.

Trendy Everyday Braids

Two Dutch braids

Two Dutch Braids

Two Dutch braids is a beautiful hairstyle that you can sport to a girls night out or a workout. It’s versatile and easy to create and doesn’t require any maintenance throughout the day. Just what a busy girl needs. It looks especially lovely wifh darker roots.

Side braids

Side Part Braids

A side part can look glamorous but if you want to make it a bit more casual or edgy add a few rows of braids at the thinner side. If you feel like it’s too overdone go for sleeked back hair with the side braids.

Side braids in a ponytail

Ponytail Braids

If you watched Vikings you saw this look only in a more dramatic style. Take it down a notch with a few side braids and a messy ponytail and your everyday glam look is ready.

Braids never really go out fashion. They are there each fashion week and are always all over beauty blogs. If you think braids aren’t your thing you can always experiment, mix and match the braids with your favorite updos and hairstyles to find something that works for you. After all braids are super romantic and decorative.

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