Hair And Makeup Ideas For Homecoming Dance 2014

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For the 2014 homecoming season, the makeup and hair world is an empty piece of paper for your imagination, where only the sky is the limit and possibilities are endless. Let your imagination run wild and don’t be afraid to step outside your usual daily makeup. Try something modern and edgy and get ready to turn heads.

Homecoming Dance Hair And Makeup Trends


Messy Updo


Messy is the new sexy! Messy updos are back in trend because they are chic and inexplicably beautiful. This hairstyle works better with a bit of curl or wave in it. If you have straight hair you are going to need the help of hair rollers or a curling iron before attempting the updo. Your hair’s lenght should at least reach your shoulders. Messy updos are easy to DIY, or you can always ask your friend to help you. The hairdo works great with both dresses with straps and strapless gowns.



This season braids are more popular than ever. We see them on red carpets and on the runways. You can never go wrong with a braid. There are several types of braided hairstyles – curly hair loosely braided into a romantic updo, a bun wrapped in a braid, or a braid styled as a headband. It works great with all hair lengths, except super short of course.

The Side Ponytail


The super trendy side ponytail will totally set you apart from the rest of the crowd at homecoming this year. Combined with the right dress and jewelry, a sleek ponytail will be your best prom hair option. This hairstyle works best with long, straight hair. But of course if you have wavy hair you can always straighten it with an iron. All kind of dresses look good with side ponytail. You can finish your look with dramatic smokey eyes.

The Classic Prom Updo


We all know that there is one style that should never be overlooked – a classic updo. There have been countless variations of this classic style over the years. The classic prom updo is perfect for long hair. You can choose between a variety of classic hairstyles – a roundup of chignons, top knots, or ballerina buns. Don’t make your updo too tight and choose bigger earings. The hairstyle works good with most dress types.

Half Up/Half Down Updo


Guys like when we wear our hair down, but this hairstyle is too boring for the homecoming dance. Here’s the solution – half-up/half-down updos, they are great because they feature both your skin and your hair. This hairstyle works on all hair lengths and textures, I mean if your hair is not shorter than the chin. Keep the look from being boring by adding curls, hair accessories, or extensions. Works perfect with strapless dresses.


Well, after you have chosen your hairstyle it’s time to decide what kind of makeup would perfectly match your look. Here are the hottest trends you may choose from.

Cat Eyes


Cat eyes are, of course, one of the hottest makeup trends for Fall season 2014. Create daring and dramatic eyes that will turn heads and make your eyes instantly grab attention.

Two-Toned Eyeshadow


To create a two-toned bold eye shadow effect apply two different contrasting colors on your lids and underneath your eyes. Finish the look with black mascara.



Nude and natural makeup became the number one choice of lots and lots of designers during fashion weeks and celebrities on red carpets. The hottest trend that is actually not that natural because we still have to apply some makeup. Glowing skin, barely there lips, little bit of shimmer on eye lids and some bronzer on the cheeks make for a natural fresh look for the night.

Pink Lipstick


It seems it never got out of style. I mean bringing out your girly side for the night with bubble gum pink lipstick is always hot and trendy. Choose your favorite shade of pink and rock the night!

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