Fast and firm beauty fixes

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Fast and firm beauty fixes
There are things that hinder our beauty, they can come suddenly or performing your beauty routine irregularly can cause them to come. But all you need is a quick fix to get back your beauty instantly and a firm fix to perform in a long run. Our tips on fast and firm beauty fixes will help you with both.


Fast and firm beauty fixes

Redness. In order to get rid of redness instantly take a calming cream or any correction makeup tinted green and apply to the skin. The green color will help tone down the red one. If you blush easily you may have a skin condition, but you can’t do anything with it until you visit a dermatologist. If your skin is easily irritated and hyper sensitive use mild cosmetic and beauty products for sensitive skin and protect it from environment with special products with SPF and moisturizers.

Pimple. A fast fix for breakout is concealer. Using a concealer brush apply the product on and around the pimple and blend with the rest of the skin. If you have regular breakouts consult with a dermatologist because there are many reasons from hormone imbalance to stress that can cause pimple breakouts.

Dry skin. Dry skin is very visible under the foundation, so in order to get rid of it fast you’ll need a mild exfoliator that will remove the patches of dead skin. After that you can even your complexion using moisturizer (which is absorbed better when applied after exfoliator) and proceed with your makeup.

Your skin needs water, so in order to firm fix your dry skin drink plenty of water and use ultra-moisturizing or hydrating cream. Alcohol-based products as well as gel washes dry your skin. Use creamy cleansers and avoid products that contain alcohol.

Dark circles and bags around the eyes. To fast fix dark circles use moisturizing concealer. To get rid of bags apply cool cream or black tea bags on the eyes. Dark circles and bags emerge because of the water and sleep shortage, you can also reduce salt and sugar intake as they tend to keep water in the organism.


Fast and firm beauty fixes

Frizziness. Anti-frizz products – gels and creams will help you smooth out your hair. To firm fix your frizzing tresses be sure you moisturize your hair with mild hydrating shampoo and conditioner.

Sleek hair. Your hair needs a little volume? Lower down your head and spritz your roots with hairspray, then style as usual. To achieve permanent volume be sure your hair is healthy and use volumizing shampoo.

Tangled hair knots. Try a leave-in conditioner on the knots then carefully brush with wide-tooth comb. To avoid hair tangling use hydrating conditioners or special easy comb hair products.


Fast and firm beauty fixes

Chapped lips. Exfoliate dead skin with mild exfoliator and apply moisturizing lip balm before lipstick. To firm fix chapped lips avoid licking them in windy weather, use lip balm regularly to protect your lips, use lipstick with SPF, hydrate your lips with special oils and honey.

Thin lips. To fast fix thin lips use lip gloss that boosts the blood flow, and your lips will become plump and red. To firm fix thin lips moisturize them with lip balm to avoid cracking otherwise they will seem even thinner. You can also gently massage your lips with a tooth-brush while brushing your teeth.

Performing your beauty routine regularly as well as timely consultations with your health care provider will make the fast beauty fixes unnecessary for you.

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