Fascinating Celebrity Makeup Styles

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Makeup became an important part of every woman. It can help refreshing our look when we are tired, and it accentuates our best features. Makeup is also a great seduction weapon. No matter what kind of makeup, if properly applied, it can correct and dignify your face shape. Whether you are choosing pale or bright shades, neon tones, you should remember a few tricks on how to apply different fascinating makeup styles, inspired by celebs.


Fascinating Celebrity Makeup Styles

Nude, natural makeup can be very fascinating. Actually this type of makeup remodels a different kind of refinement. Evidently nude natural makeup accentuates all facial features, like cheekbones, eyes and lips, in a delicate and natural way. Consequently, the makeup base is the most important part of it. Before applying makeup, pay a lot of attention to everything that involves preparing your skin.
Only after that you can start the makeup procedure. Your skin should look irreproachable so you should cover all imperfections. If you have dark circles around the eyes, or spots, first use a concealer and only then apply foundation. Don’t forget to apply it evenly on the superior part of your neck. A pale blush, mascara, a lipstick or better a lip gloss in natural shades and you are ready. For more fascinating look, apply some dark eyeshadow on the mobile eyelid crease.


Fascinating Celebrity Makeup Styles

Pink tones are always associated with femininity and work great for everyone, regardless of your eye color, complexion or hair color. They can amazingly refresh the skin. You can use a white-nacreous eyeshadow it will offer luminosity to your makeup. At the end, don’t forget to apply mascara. As of lips you can use a natural shade of lip gloss or lipstick.


Fascinating Celebrity Makeup Styles

Vintage makeup is the best expression of femininity, elegance and allurement. Necessary components of a ’40 makeup are: perfect, porcelain skin, long and thick eyelashes, accentuated cheekbones, cherry or burgundy red lips, black liquid eyeliner, and a flawless mixture of shades on the eyelid.
It is that uncommon kind of a makeup that emphasizes eyes and lips at the same time. For eye makeup you need two hues of eyeshadow, a lighter one for the mobile eyelid, and a darker one for arch contour. Then, abundantly apply mascara. If your eyelashes are too thin, you may apply some liquid eyeliner. And if it makes no difference you can use false eyelashes. For fascinating lips, apply a red lipstick or lip gloss. Apply some luminous blush on the cheekbones.


Fascinating Celebrity Makeup Styles

Neon makeup is a hot trend but it needs some skills to be properly applied. This is the perfect choice for those of you who love eccentric makeup. Here eyes should be accentuated and the colors must be strong. Motton blue, yellow, and emerald-green are just a few of the colors you have but you should take into consideration your eye color when choosing makeup shades. Here only eyes should be accentuated that’s why use a lip gloss in a natural color. Red will work great if you have blue eyes.

Cat eyes

Fascinating Celebrity Makeup Styles

Cat eyes makeup requires a correct capable use of the eyeliner. Start by using your black eyeliner and draw a soft line from the corner of your eyelid to the end of your eyelash line then apply black eyeshadow by a thin applicator following the eyeliner line to fix your makeup. Then, accentuate the crease using black. As a final step, use black eyeliner on the interior of your eyelids and apply mascara. As well as the neon makeup, for the lips, makeup should be as natural as possible. But I must tell you to avoid this type of makeup if you have small eyes.

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