Fall and winter beauty tips

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Fall and winter beauty tips
Temperatures change during cold time greatly. The cold and winds as well as heat from electric heaters steal precious moisture from your skin so you have to use some tips and tricks to maintain your beauty. Try out fall and winter beauty tips and stay beautiful all winter.

Diet and exercise are crucial in cold weather. Eat more foods that contain protein nuts, beans, lean meat, dairy products. Try eating more green vegetables as they contain important micro elements that our immune system needs. They also prevent skin from drying and cracking. Exercise to improve blood flowing, it will help you stay healthy during winter month and will also loosen your muscles.

If it’s cold outside it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t drink clean water everyday. In winter we lose a bit less water but we also have to supply our organism with it.

Fall and winter beauty tips

Skin care. Cold weather means winds, snow and indoor heating. All these factors adversely impact your skin drying it sucking out moisture. In order to prevent this use lotion before and after the shower. Do not linger under the water stream as it washes away the lipid superficial layer from your skin which protects it from damage. To prevent temperature shock cool water before getting out of shower.

Use heavier moisturizers and creams. Turn down the heater and balance the temperature and you can also use air humidifier. To prevent chapped lips use moisturizing lipstick and avoid licking your lips in the wind. Your hands are also subject to cold temperature and winds. Moisturize them with lotion or cream and put on gloves before going out.

Avoid alcohol-based products, as when the alcohol evaporates it takes away the moisture with it. Try creamy cleansers and other cosmetic products that you use that contain moisturizing and healing ingredients like coconut butter, essential oils, beeswax and Vitamin E.

Hair care. First of all, in order to prevent hair drying you need to cover up your hair because wind and cold can damage it. The indoor heating also dries your hair, so either turn down your heater or use the air humidifier. Wear a hat in winter to protect your hair. Avoid using dryer and wash your hair twice a week. If you noticed drying use a deep conditioner.

So the key factors of beauty in cold weather are the moisturizing and balanced temperature. Not very hot and not very cold whether it’s about the shower or dressing up. Our fall and winter beauty tips will help you stay beautiful up to the next summer.

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    Thanks for sharing gr8 info and My hairs are falling, Can you tell me that solutions of this. thanks

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