Fall/Winter 2011 Beauty Trends

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The Spring/Summer 2011 is getting closer but the fashion world doesn’t get a break even for a day. With the Fashion Week we get to see all the new collections the designers have created for Fall/Winter 2011 as well as what beauty looks they’ve chosen to complete their creations with. So here are Fall/Winter 2011 beauty trends right from the runway!


Fall 2011 Beauty Trends

Metallics seem to never go out of fashion. Well, smokey eyes is almost a classic now so why wonder. Make a statement with bold eyes by sweeping your eyelids with deep gray with metallic shimmer and blend the dark lines with purple or lavender shadows. Look awesome!

Side-parted waves

Fall 2011 Beauty Trends

As seen at Malandrino runway show for Fall/Winter 2011 deep side-parted waves as well as straight locks will be in for the season. The beach waves have been given a new twist and the hair looks natural. The waves are visible but not severe or overly fixed with hairspray.


Fall 2011 Beauty Trends

Yep, bangs are in for Fall/Winter 2011. Bangs make you look youthful. Ask a professional to choose a suitable length of your fringe or framing bangs that will accentuate the best in your face while hiding the imperfections.

Sleek Updo

Fall 2011 Beauty Trends

Donna Karan has offered a sleek ‘do and bright makeup combo for her Fall/Winter 2011. Other designers added some hair accessories in tribal spirit. Short hair can be swept back and styled for a sleek and polished look. The makeup for such do should be bright and not necessarily ‘dark bright’. Donna Karan chose orange eye makeup and pink lip combo – very unusual and cool.

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