Eyebrow waxing

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Eyebrow waxing

Eyebrow waxing is a quicker alternative to plucking eyebrows. It gives a cleaner and neater look and the pain goes away pretty pretty fast. It is best to do this beauty treatment at a beauty salon, but you can also do it at home by using special waxing stencils.

Cut the waxing strips in the shape of your eyebrows; they will act like stencils. Prepare the skin by applying ice on the waxing area; wipe clean not to leave any moisture because then the wax won’t work. Apply the warm NOT hot waxing strip-stencil very carefully. Slightly press it against your skin and then pull against the hair growth firmly and parallel to your skin. After the procedure apply soothing moisturizer to t he skin.

Eyebrow waxing

If you are not good with stencils and you don’t know what shape you want, it is not recommended to do eyebrow waxing or plucking. For that you need a steady hand, a good eye to see how much hair to remove and how much to leave to preserve or achieve a decent shape.

Salon waxing will cost you from $8 to $50all depends how much work time it will require as the professional will have to shape your eyebrows, estimate the proportions, and groom for a finished look.

Waxing is said to impair the sensitive skin around the eyes but so does plucking if performed too often. So be careful with at-home waxing, if you’re not sure about your waxing abilities take it to the professional. Ask your friends about some good specialists that can shape your eyebrows well. Make an appointment and if you like the result keep visiting. Then you might get some discounts as a regular client.

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