Eyebrow Blunders

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Eyebrow Blunders

Eyebrows can make or break your look. So it is important to know how to choose eyebrow shape for your face and the rules for perfect eyebrows. But there are also eyebrow blunders to avoid. Want to have perfect eyebrows?

One of the most usual eyebrow blunders is over-plucking. Do not overdo. It is better to leave some hair and entrust your eyebrow shaping to a professional.

Plucking frequently. It is bad for your skin, especially if you are over 30. Pluck your eyebrows not more than once a week or two weeks. Put your tweezers out of sight if you feel the need to pluck your eyebrows every time you look at them.

Using black eyeliner to fill in the blank spots. If you don’t want to have garish unnatural looking eyebrows stay away from that black eyeliner. Opt for a brow pencil one or two shades lighter than your hair. Brow powder and special solid brow shadows are also great fixes for over-plucked thin eyebrows. Use feather strokes to create a natural-looking line.

Another eyebrow blunder is too much trimming. Trim only long hair. Otherwise you can ruin the shape of your eyebrows by trimming them too short. In order to make a good trim brush your eyebrows upwards and carefully trim those long hairs one at a time. Make sure the inner part of your eyebrows is thicker than the outer one.

Over-plucking the ends. Ah yes, short eyebrows. Not flattering, less elegant and seem as over-plucked. To find out your perfect eyebrow length touch your brow bone the end of it should match the end of your eyebrow.

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