Estee Lauder Exclusive Compact Collection for Holiday 2010

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Estee Lauder launched their exclusive Compact Collection for the forthcoming holiday season. And I must admit Estee Lauder Compact Collection for Holiday 2010 is a real exclusive. Moreover I can bet you will gasp for just a piece of it immediately you take a look at the striking promo photos of the products.

Actually each year Estee Lauder launches an impressive, limited-edition holiday collection of reusable perfume and powder compacts, extravagantly designed that add gratifying magic to the miraculous holiday season.

Estee Lauder Exclusive Compact=

This 2010 holiday season isn’t the exception, Estee Lauder offers us to try an exclusive and collectible solid perfume and powder compact collection that will be kept for years to come.

This holiday season’s collection of extraordinary new designs displays the beauty of nature, featuring animals and birds, such as White Linen Jeweled Sea Turtle or Beautiful Wise Ole Owl. (Take a look after the jump)
Celebrated American designer, Jay Strongwater, has once again collaborated with Estee Lauder this season and created five dainty and chic designs and each of the Estee Lauder Exclusive holiday compact collection pieces is filled with his inimitable style.

Oh, and by the way all the compacts are handcrafted and exquisitely detailed with sparkling crystals.

This Estee Lauder Exclusive Compact Collection for Holiday 2010 will surely make a wonderful gift. Would you like to get one?

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