Eclipse Beauty: hair style and makeup tips

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Twi-hards and not-so-twi-hards: Eclipse has premiered!
No matter what you think of this new chapter of the saga, the movie was full of gorgeous looks.
Here is the scoop of beauty trends from the film’s hair stylist and make-up artists. Take the opportunity and enjoy!

Eclipse Beauty: hair style and makeup tips

Kristen Stewart: Bella’s super-natural make-up

First up from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is Kristen Stewart.

The story line for Eclipse picks up only months after New Moon ends, so there couldn’t be much change in Bella’s look, but we wanted to show that Bella had grown up a bit,

says Kristen’s makeup artist, Robin Matthews. In this case, youth is represented by clear skin and sweet, pink cheeks. To follow Bella’s style, use a combination of blushes as Matthews advised,

I use a combination of five different blushes.

And also use mixture of shades one for you—just be sure it will match!

Eclipse Beauty: Kristen Stewart's hair tips

Ashley Greene: Alice’s shaggy bob

If you like a faultless haircut, use young Alice style as inspiration: Her hair’s been styled so that it looks perfect all the time, even during the film’s full of action scenes.

We gave Ashley a very textured, layered cut then used a small amount of mousse on wet hair. We then blew it dry using hands and fingers to pull the hair as it’s drying,

tells Sherritt.

Finally, when it was still slightly damp, wax with fingers piece by piece and finger-styled the hair into place.

Try it!

Beauty Eclipse: Ashley Greene's hair tips

Slight the macabre vampire eyes and keep your mind on Dakota’s pretty upsweep: The unforeseen, Victorian-inspired style is going to be hot in the jitterbug circles this summer. It’s like a bun, but more stylish—and so easy to re-create! To prepare the new style, Sherritt pulled the hair back into a high horsetail and fastened in place. She then plaited sections of hair until they turned into tight twists, looking like bun pinning them in a knotlike shape with hairgrips at the back of Fanning’s head. Beautiful and mere to make!

Eclipse Beauty: Dakota Fanning's hair tips

Bryce Dallas Howard: Victoria’s remarkable red locks

It can be hard to be the newcomer—but Twilight Saga newbie Bryce Dallas Howard impressed us with her gorgeous red hair. To create such perfect, lively curls, towel-dry and diffuse it to get as much natural curls as possible. But if you were born with stick-straight hair, DIY the style by using a curling iron to make spiral curls. Let the hair dry, and then fix gently with fingers to give the curls definition.

Beauty Eclipse: Bryce Dallas Howard's hair tips

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